Slovakia Croatia: prediction and rate of Artur Petrosyan

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Talking about the match between the national teams of Slovakia and Croatia. What can be said about Slovaks. If we compare the level of the four Slavic, so to speak, national teams in our group, then Slovakia has the lowest level.

If we recall the European Championship, then in the first match Slovakia unexpectedly beat the Poles, having served almost the entire match in defense. We struck two blows and miraculously won. In the next two matches against Sweden and Spain, the Slovaks did not strike a single shot on target. The capabilities of this team are quite limited, so it’s a shame that Russia lost to this particular team.

In terms of positional attacks, Slovaks do not rely on them at all, relying only on counterattacks and standards performed by Weiss. He is already 31 years old, but he still plays a key role in this team.

As for Croatia, this national team in Luzhniki played 50-60 percent of its capabilities. Practically did not strain, did not accelerate. There were 4-5 moments in the entire 90 minutes when they exploded. Then it was exciting for the gates of Guillermo. In general, the Croats played almost pedestrian football.

The head coach of Croatia, with whom I spoke after the game, used the phrase heavy legs, although the season is just beginning, because the beginning of September is only. It is clear that it was a difficult season, the European Championship. Now games will be played one after another. He was very unhappy that he had to play three matches in a short time. In general, heavy legs, so they cannot play to their limit.

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I also talked with Vlai after the game. He says the players are unhappy with themselves and what they have shown. This is clearly not what the team is capable of, as he believes. In principle, everyone thinks so, since the vice-champion of the world should demonstrate a higher level.

At the same time, I have almost no doubt that in this match the Slovaks will not have the initiative, they will retreat to their half of the field. In principle, events will develop according to a similar scenario, that is, as in Luzhniki. Croatia owned the ball most of the time, was not particularly active, but still owned.

It seemed to me that the Croats are angry with themselves. There will be more accelerations that make the weather in such matches and decide a lot. I have almost no doubt that guests should be closer to victory. It is possible that they will achieve it. Therefore, if we talk about the rates, then I will repeat the one that Russia made in the match Croatia, that is, Croatia will not lose with a total of less than 3.5 goals. The coefficient is slightly less than 1.70, but I think it is quite attractive.

Croatia will have the initiative, will be closer to victory, but we won’t see many goals here. Based on this, X2 and TM (3.5).

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